Trade Mark: Hebron Factory

General Manager: Noor DeenZatary

Contact Person: Noor DeenZatary

Short Description: Hebron factory is considered one of the best natural leather tanning factories in Palestinian. Where they provide the footwear sector in Hebron with all kinds of natural leather that specialisein high quality and durability.

Hebron Factorytakes accurate procedures in production and tracking work to ensure the use of the best methods of tanning competent manufacturer of footwear and other leather products, and to ensure the approval of the international standards and specifications.


Hebron factory opened in 1950 after it was first established in 1920 when the process was basic and manual and became a family business. The factory went through many stages of improvements by expanding space, using modern machines and using developed tanning materials and methods.

Vision & Mission:

To establish a factory with a larger production capacity.


Specialize in Tanning Vegetable 50%

Chrome Tan 50%

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Address Hebron, Palestine
Tel No 022220927
Mobile 0597220022
Fax No 022220927
Email nabilzattari@netscape.net
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